Rich-image The Highline Bears announced that they have hired Rich Lindros as their 2016 Manager. Lindros will be taking over the duties from Todd Coughlin, who had signed on for one year as the Bears inaugural Manager. In the Bears’ first season, Coughlin lead them to a winning record and the organizations’ first tournament win, at the Canada Day International Baseball Tournament, in Kelowna, BC. On and off the field Coughlin & his wife Diane donated their time, money, home, blood, sweat and tears to help get the team off the ground. “I will always be the Bears biggest fan!” Coughlin proclaimed at the end of last season. Coughlin plans to still be at as many Bears games he can and will now be stepping into the role of Director of Community Relations, and will help the organization continue to flourish. “We had a magical first season and there is no way that would have been possible without Todd and Diane,” General Manager Justin Moser said. “It was a very emotional experience for him – being able to help bring back something so positive and uplifting to the community where he grew up was a dream come true for him. I’ll never forget the look in his eyes on opening night, he fought back tears of joy many times over the season. The fact that we were able to put together a winning ball club was just icing on the cake, it was truly an amazing experience. This organization and community is so lucky to have such passionate people involved, like the Coughlins.” Lindros – also known as the “Old Man” – brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team’s leadership. Growing up in Brooklyn, he fell in love with baseball watching the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees. Some of Rich’s first baseball memories are receiving his first Little League trophy from Hall of Famer Pee Wee Reece, as well as growing up watching games at Ebbets Field and Yankee Stadium. Lindros has been coaching for over 40 years, with an expertise in Sports Psychology and teaching players the important aspect of the mental game. Rich has been playing or coaching baseball since he was 5 years old with the only exception being when he served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. When asked what his thought were about the Bears Management position he said “this is a dream job for me!” Rich plans to help Bears players “bridge the gap between potential and physiological peak performance.” “What I really like about Rich was his approach to the mental aspect of the game,” General Manager Justin Moser said. “Being a summer collegiate team coaches don’t have time to give mechanical instruction on any aspects of the game. However, players at all levels can always get stronger with their mental game. Baseball is a game of failure and dealing with that failure can make or break a players season and career.” Coach Lindros and the Bears will start their season on Saturday, May 28 for their home opener at Steve Cox Memorial Park, located in White Center. A full game schedule and season ticket sales are now available online here:

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