Volunteers are needed to support the Burien Pop-Up Kitchen, a community-centered outreach program.

Here’s more info from organizer Jen Powell:

Building community is a cornerstone of making Burien a safe, friendly, and great place to live, work and play. The mission of the Burien Pop-Up Kitchen is to bring people together and build that community, and neighbors serving neighbors in a community-centered outreach strengthens this mission. Our purpose is to develop relationships and community, help those in need, and build a stronger Burien for everyone.

So what exactly is the Burien Pop-Up Kitchen? It’s a group of volunteers coming together to provide a meal for anyone and everyone in the community in an effort to form relationships and share life with one another. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve temporarily partnered with Transform Burien to supply them with lunches once a week to give to those most in need. We plan to continue this until we can realize the original vision of making this a broader community-centric event.

If you want to help with grocery shopping, making lunches or serving our community in need one Friday, please sign up here: cutt.ly/bpuk.

If you feel more comfortable donating to the Burien Pop-Up Kitchen financially, it is so very much appreciated! You can do that here: cutt.ly/bpuk-donate.

Prayers, words of encouragement and support are also very welcome by the volunteers.

Please share the mission of this community outreach program with your friends and family, people in your neighborhoods, or anyone you just happen to find yourself talking to. The vision of this is to bring the Burien community together, and while we’re currently doing that in a limited capacity, we would love to someday have this become a full-on community outreach for Burien.

More info at https://www.facebook.com/groups/691745861390071.

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