Thirteen (or so) generous Volunteers helped clean up and do some serious work on the home of an elderly Burien woman in need on Saturday, Aug. 26. The event – as well as an online fundraiser – was organized by good neighbor Gena Schubert. As we first reported Aug. 24, here’s more background on this elderly woman’s plight:

“My across the street neighbor is an elderly woman named Lynn,” Gena said. “She is wheelchair bound. She recently took a tumble and broke her collar bone. Right now she is in a rehabilitation center but will be getting out at the end of the month. Lynn has been living in her home for the past 5 years with no power. Think about it being stuck in a wheelchair and not having power. She has been using head lamps to get by. Due to the power being off for so long the city of Burien is requiring that I have an inspection done first. The house has not been worked in about 30 years (I have been told) so there are a lot of things that need to been done. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before she gets home. I have put new flooring in the bathroom and things like that…”
Gena adds: “There were a few special people that made all the difference in the world if you want to add them to your article”:
  • Chris Wheaton from SCG Electric, along with an anonymous donor who without them there wouldn’t be electricity in her house.
  • Lee Moyer from the Rose Foundation who came out not only Saturday but a couple other days and rebuilt her side wall of her house by himself.
  • One of the close neighbors Murray (who won’t let me use her last name but she works her butt off) and all the rest of the people that showed up and did it the hard work.
  • Jyl Furndog who not only brought her dump truck for us to use for the dump runs, but paid for it also.
Here are some photos Gena took at Saturday’s work party (click images to see larger versions): ]]>

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4 replies on “Volunteers pitch in to help clean up & fix elderly Burien woman's home”

  1. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped this woman out. Were any of the people that are running for City Council there?

  2. Gena has done an amazing job organizing and bringing everyone together with such positive results.
    Saw the rebuilt wall–it is beautiful.

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