Officers from the Burien Police Department recently busted drug dealers in the parking lot of a local business, confiscating “several suitcases of marijuana” – up to eight pounds – along with $14,000 in cash, according to the following Facebook post on Friday, March 14: 1957705_407087742763890_1362703863_o

Drug Bust! One of our alert detectives observed some adults acting very suspicious in the parking lot of a Burien business. To be specific, he saw two cars pulled alongside each other and packages being exchanged one trunk to the other car while they looked all around. Hey it’s always possible this could be a Girl Scout cookie deal but the officer contacted them just to make sure. After seeing a large amount of cash and marijuana (way more marijuana than is legal for one to possess), the detective seized the car in question and applied for a search warrant. The net result was more than $14,000 in cash and several suitcases of marijuana. Total weight of the marijuana was 8 pounds. The bottom line is we respect the citizens who voted to approve the use of smaller amounts of recreational marijuana and we will protect their right to do so. At the same time, we won’t allow drug dealers to use this law to continue their illegal trade. This often results in violence, related crimes, and drug addicted kids. Buy it legally, consume it at home, and never drive under the influence and we will all get along terrifically.

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