Nick Cannon, an actor, comedian, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, radio, and television personality, served as “Principal for the Day” at Burien’s Sylvester Middle School on Friday, March 14. Most recently, Cannon has been hosting the TV reality competition “America’s Got Talent.” He has been married to singer Mariah Carey since 2008, with whom he has twins. Here are some photos of the event, courtesy the Highline School District (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): 1098215_713634492003883_1739439523_n 1098215_713634488670550_1577295947_n 1978867_713634752003857_760191729_n 1098215_713634502003882_625249383_n 1098215_713634498670549_302517002_n 1098215_713634495337216_1770809867_n Here’s a Tweet Nick sent out:


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10 replies on “Celebrity Nick Cannon was 'Principal for the Day' at Sylvester Middle School Friday”

  1. I hope nick cannon did this for free and the school district did not waste any money on pulling this off. I also hope that the kids don’t get the wrong idea on what life styles they should live by just because this guy has a big gold chain around his neck and drive fancy cars . Some people in his line of work tend to portray a life of a no good thug and tends to show kids they can dress like thugs and talk like one. I don’t think that is a good way go about life there are lot better things you can do with your life

  2. Great, I’m all for the positive when it comes to child education but what’s with the “bling”
    What message is he sending with a necklace status symbol “Hey kids look at me, why bother with school when it’s all about how much gold rope you hang around your neck”
    His contribution to society and that of his wife’s are based on fame, certainly not education!

  3. This did not cost the district anything. It was a contest and they won. I think that it is cool and a great experience for the students! I am pretty confident that his message was not an anti-school message. Neither of you seem to know much about Nick Cannon, he is the host of America’s Got Talent and has always appeared to be a positive role model.

    1. I guess coming in the sharp suit he wears on TV would have made him look too educated and unhip. Just come dressed like the big time dreamers, skipping school banging around the library waiting for their big break so they can afford some gold rope for themselves.

    2. Well I’m glad to hear it didn’t cost the school any thing but like the person posted he should have of dress better for the occasion then looking like a thug that just got back from the pawn shop or pimping some women

      1. Aside from the cold chains what makes him look like a thug? I believe that you are stereotyping him.

        1. hey lady get off your high horse already ok I just feel that nick cannon could have dress a little better then wearing a hoody baggy clothing a gold chain and a gold watch and trying to show kids that is just so cool be a rapper and waste money on non needed items gold chains,spinning rims,overlay priced cars ect just like most rappers do and so called sing about its just not the right thing to show kids at a age were there very impressible especially when a celebrity is involved

  4. Congrats to the school for winning the contest! There is nothing wrong with having big dreams .. Dreams inspire people to work harder to achieve their goals. What a great opportunity to meet someone that actually is a great positive role model and someone the kids can identify with and look up to!

    1. Oh, I forgot about the identifying thing entirely. All of the positive roll models in society as far as your concerned must wear a hoody, cap on crooked and massive bling, and for the TV connection he looked like he belonged on “America’s Most Wanted, not “America’s Got Talent”

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