C16003199 Search Warrant 2 C16003199 Search Warrant1 FOLLOWUP: As we first reported on Tuesday, Jan. 19, Burien Police responded to a disturbance call at a residence in the 1800 block of SW 160th Street in Gregory Heights (map below), but ended up finding something much more interesting. When police arrived, they found a car with broken windows, and the house in question – located about a block from Gregory Heights Elementary School – also had a broken window. Police said that as officers were speaking with the resident, they smelled a strong odor of marijuana. Detectives responded and obtained a search warrant for what was suspected to be an illegal marijuana growing operation. Once the warrant was granted, officers found the following:

  • Marijuana Grow – 179 Plants
  • Processed Marijuana – 14 Pounds
  • Heroin – Over 2.5 Pounds
  • Cocaine – Over 1.4 Pounds
  • Crack Cocaine – Over 1.4 Pounds
  • Methamphetamine – 5 ounces
  • United States Currency – Over $24,000.00
“A great job by our responding officers and detectives!” police said in a statement. ]]>

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22 replies on “FOLLOWUP: Here's what police found in big drug bust in Gregory Heights home”

  1. Must have had a disgruntled dope customer break out those windows, thanks to them for bringing attention to that den of D-Bags.
    How can a neighbor(s) not have a clue with a upstanding group like that next door, let alone the 24/7 traffic that would attract???

    1. Actually, a “good” dealer/supplier knows not to draw attention to their property, especially negative attention. Soooo…give these guys that at least? 😉

  2. I am a neighbor. There was a woman and a baby living there. she mowed the lawn. Their elderly parents lived there part of the year. The man took out the trash. That’s about all I ever noticed. they didn’t do business out of the house. never any cars or pedestrians coming and going. no weird events or smells. not very outgoing but that’s not much of a flag.

    1. I live in this neighborhood, and have for many years, and walk past this house all the time (with my dog and my small child), and never noticed a thing out of place or anything that would attract any negative attention. It was a tidy, quiet house.

  3. Gee, people could come and go via the Burien Community bus! How convenient. Must be very upsetting for the Lake Burien crowd to find out that they have ‘them’ living in their midst … just like the rest of Burien.

    1. Gee Sandy, if you look at the map you will see they are not at Lake Burien…..quite a ways away. You’ll have to find another way to hate the lake people. However, they are across the street from Gregory Heights elementary and that’s a bit disturbing.

      1. Now now, I think you both know what Sandy is trying to point out here–that even the “nicer” neighborhoods in Burien are not immune to illegal activity, which appears to be spreading. None of us want to feel unsafe in our own communities. It’s hard to regulate free will, though. There will always be those among us who choose the criminal path. THAT is the sad reality.

    2. Just for the record, I do not in anyway feel hateful towards people in the Lake Burien or Gregory Heights neighborhoods. Sorry if my comments were interpreted as such. In my previous comment, I was jesting at a post from someone that implied these neighborhoods did not have the same problems as the rest of Burien. I have nothing against prosperity, as long as it is lawful and considerate. There was a time when people who lived in and around Burien did not draw lines. I too would like to see that be once again true.
      Without rancor, I would also like to have a community bus that serves more than the SW side of town and will continue to ask for equal service to all of Burien residents, as well as more shelters at our bus stops. I would welcome anyone’s encouragement when I post on this topic.

  4. Hmmm – lots of marijuana **and** crack cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. Nice to know that pot and harder drugs go hand in hand in Burien. That does little to recommend a pot store in Burien as a way to uplift the community. Oh – and FYI: I am not the “Lake Burien crowd.”

    1. Legal pot and falling prices will slowly make black market grow ops far less profitable and not worth the jail sentence. Dealing hard drugs out of the same home has nothing to do with sanctioned legal stores.

    2. Peter yes in the black market or underground drug dealers sometimes sell harder drugs along side pot. This one reason why I-502 has legalized cannabis to help make it safer since most cannabis user’s don’t like harder drugs and do not want to be associated with those types of people. Also this was a street dealer that probably has no real clue of the amount of THC in the cannabis or the exact strain of cannabis there growing or the amount of left over pesticides in there cannabis before selling.Something that is different from the legal I-502 pot shops they know all this info on all there products. Will explain it to anyone over 21 years old that enters there store. This is another situation underground drug dealers can and will sell to anyone. I-502 are 21+ and do check id’s I even seen the employees at nimbin even check a 60 years old lady’s Id.

    3. Gosh, you’re a real slueth. One case = it goes hand in hand across the board. Okie dokie then.

      1. take another bong rip jimmy ! all these stores you speak of continue to get busted for illegal activity of some sort and its still a bunch of looser stoners that break the law who own and operate pot stores and medical ones too. nice try tho

        1. Where’s your proof of the recreational store’s being involved in illegal activities.
          Unless you are talking about federal laws but see we here in Washington have a thing called state rights. Which means since the voters of Washington have voted for this law the feds are staying out it.

  5. What will happen to the mother and baby? Mother aiding and abetting? Baby inhaling secondary marijuana can’t be healthful to its lungs and/or brain. Sounds like baby should be taken into care just so it can be protected.

    1. I believe you should be seriously more concerned about the Meth, Crack, Heroin and Coke that baby was wading through. Do you really think those, or any adult would be holding a baby down and blowing a joint up its nose? If they smoked cigarettes anywhere near the poisoning is 50 X more.

  6. I imagine that most of y’all don’t know what the total street values of all those drugs combined would be? Furthermore we all want to associate poor, destitute, drug addicts as the dealers. Reality check, these people appear as normal and well preserved as the rest of you. They are your neighbors, business owners, homeowners, voters, lawyers, doctors.

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