Some Burien residents are feeling overwhelmed with support after their Pride Flags were stolen from their homes recently.

This is the third year in a row this has happened to them, as well as some of their neighbors.

One victim told us that this type of vandalism happens during Pride Month, and adds that “it feels more than just random acts at this point and more a pattern.”

“It certainly shakes your sense of security in your own home,” the victim told The B-Town Blog. “We’ve had friends in Tacoma deal with the same events this year, but like the amazing community of Burien, the neighbors have rallied and are supporting one another.”

“First and foremost, I want to state that I was overwhelmed by the level of support that has been shown from the community,” one resident – who wishes to remain anonymous – said. “We have received cards and letters, and also had some neighbors drop off a new flag and other generous gifts to our door this week. It can sometimes get me emotional because I know that there are some places out there that wouldn’t be as open and accepting of LGBTQIA+ community in ‘their town.'”

The victim adds:

“Our community may be small but it’s mighty and what these vandals always seem to not realize is that Pride started as a fight when that first brick was thrown.

“We won’t just run away or hide behind our doors, afraid to show our support and pride to our community.”

GoFundMe Started

Burien Realtor Matt Parker has also stepped up, creating a GoFundMe page to help local pride flag theft victims.

“For the second year in a row, neighbors in close proximity to Kali and my home have been victim of an organized effort by vandals to go on their property and remove pride flags and other pride displays,” Parker said.

“Imagining what it feels like to have someone enter our property at night in attempt to tell us we aren’t welcome is horrifying and unacceptable.”

Parker is asking for small donations to raise $3,000 to place flowers on these neighbors doorsteps and flood their mailboxes with notes of support – more info below:

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